Large mouth bass bed fishing close up!!!

2016 sight fishing large mouth bass close up.


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35 Replies to “Large mouth bass bed fishing close up!!!”

  1. yo.. pre spwan is a big dont!!!!!!!!  while fishing…………….Fish are trying to do what  they do normally do and that is to reproduce.. IT  dosent make you a glorified fisherman…….you know how the aquatic world really is….. there is a reason why we are called fishermen, fisherlady, lets respect the waters we were inheritated to. our four fathers, our ancestors considered this as life. I hope this will reach you that who truly care as a inhabitant of mother earth, do CARE AND LOVE THIS LAND…. HOME …… EARTH……… WE  ARE ALL CONNECTED…..

  2. you should work on ur pitching accuracy. I like to sit out in my back yard and flip to specific target. i.e the rock by the pond or the grass under the rose bushes. you can really see your improvement as the day goes

  3. Your a loser. All she's trying to do is protect her bed. No skill involved, just preying on natural instinct. You want to impress, try tormenting a bear while she has young, see how that works out for you

  4. A good thing to keep in mind when you are bed fishing, or any pitch fishing in general, especially on a skiddish fish, is keeping your bait as low to the water as possible on the pitch. When you do this, you get a lot softer entry to the water, which is way less likely to spook the fish. Just a tip.

  5. i have had success with a deep diving crankbait right through the spot as the bigger bass try to kill it not just eat it. my luck is no matter the ratio of small to lunker or what i pitch to em it could e 100 6lb'ers to 1 2lb'er that asshole 2lb'er always hits my lure first.

  6. Everyone else can talk fishing, I don't know anything about it…but what I do know is females and you my friend are fishing this whole time a girl half naked was rubbing her body down with some lotion, WTF!!! Screw that fish and put some lotion on that fine woman you have…..

  7. Great video, awesome release; I love it, this is my 8th year getting into bass fishing & videos like this really help. I caught a 9 12 on a bed last March & I went back after a soft release & she was still there. Thanks for sharing…God Bless:)

  8. Ok first things first always use a baitcaster when sight fishing and Use 50lbs braid, with those two being used nothing will come off your line with the exception of a weak hook set!

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