Large mouth bass eats

This is my small mouth bass eating 20 goldfish really quick.


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  1. LMB have the ability to surpass 2 pounds with unlimited forage during the first year of life, but about a half-pound is normal. For annual maintenance, a LMB requires about 5 to 7 pounds of forage per pound of body weight. If you have a 5 pound LMB in your pond, it will need 25 to 35 pounds of forage to maintain its weight for one year. To increase a LMB by 1 pound (5 pounds to 6 pounds) requires 10 pounds of forage more than the annual maintenance.

  2. Some ppl are so stupid I get your worry of the well being of the fish but saying it's too small of a tank.. It can swim and turn around seems fine to me.. In Nature bass don't move around unless preying on food.. They usually stick in one area the whole day.. So cuz this tank looks small to some ppl it's a crime.. Well I live in an apt with my gf so why don't u call the cops and say my apt is too small for us, how is that not a crime.. Lmao not everyone can afford a big house and not everyone can afford a big tank.. So is it against the law to have a small apt.. same issue to me really

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