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Largemouth Bass Fishing Pennsylvania 2013

Grant, Brandon, and Mark head to a couple private ponds in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to fish for Largemouth Bass.


30 thoughts on “Largemouth Bass Fishing Pennsylvania 2013

  1. love when people teach how to catch bass on such ponds)))) you can pretty muchstick your hand in the water and grab a couple. (im not talking about this video )))

  2. Ha you think that a 2 lb bass is big?? I consider 2 a small, I consider 0-3 lb small 4-6 medium, and 7-13 huge (I live in Florida and there are some monster bass here)

  3. This is awesome. Im just starting to fish for bass and ill have to try one of those senkos in some of my ponds in Colorado. I also like some of ur vids where u catch native trout. I have a video on my channel of me catching a big brook trout. You should check it out.

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