Largemouth Bass Fishing With Frogs

catchin a few bass on a stanley ribbet, and losing a good 4+


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  1. hahahahahhaah you named yourself bamabass13 thats the only way u get views if u wanna check out a real angler check out the real bamabass not hatin thats jus lame dude

  2. I was looking forward to bass fish at a pond early in the morning at about 6:30 am to 12 pm. What type of frog do you prefer I should use? The pond is half clear and half muddy. Mostly clear. What type of frog should I purchase? (The frog I'm gonna buy is from walmart) please let me know. I really do wanna go back to bass fishing and catch some whoppers! Would a live target frog work. Also is this time of year a good time for froggin

  3. For fack sakes did half you meatheads not hear the kid say he HAD a 4-5 pound bass on (key word he HAD) he loss it cause he didnt set the hook god damn open your ears before your mouths and maybe you would have to be busting balls for nothing

  4. Me sorprende lo poco que disfrutais la pesca de estos peces que ofrecen una lucha muy bonita si les dejais un poco el freno libre. Pero bueno la pesca en españa es distinta porque mucha  gente que mata todos los peces que coge, por eso hay que aprovechar cada pez que se pesca. Buen video!

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