Largemouth Bass Fishing with Kevin VanDam on Kentucky Lake


Outdoor World Television Classic Episode

Pro angler Kevin VanDam offers some largemouth bass fishing tips while fishing on Kentucky Lake.


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43 Replies to “Largemouth Bass Fishing with Kevin VanDam on Kentucky Lake”

  1. KVD your my idol! i fish in a youth bass league and after watching your videos and following you for a long time,ive been able to win a couple tournaments, (: your a god in bass fishing.

  2. I'd love to fish with KVD but I wonder if he'd be constantly giving you tips or taking hooks out for ya. get a bit irritating.
    "hey throw your bait next to that dock, those bass like to us'em as cover"…

    "Ya know, this isnt my freakin first time Kevin."

  3. no doubt imagine all the free rods n reels and tackle and boats that he gives to his relatives prolly 1000$ and 1000$ worth most never used and most rod'reel combos worth 300$ or more I think I even read an article once about him giving stuff to his neighbors pretty nice
    its gotta be cool to be able to give away alot but man

  4. i totally agree that kvd is the best of the best in our world of bassfishing, i watch his how to videos all the time and refer to them as refrshers, i'm freakin green with envy. i've gone pro in my dreams, thats good enough for me. I catch plenty of fish, having lived in Iowa, Oklahome, and now in Arizona. I always fish with my brother, and its an adventure every time. kvd videos have improved my game 3 fold. THANKS

  5. This video was great but I have one thing to say isn't the fun of fishing the fight? All of the bass that are being caught are just being dragged in by 15 pound or over line with a medium heavy rod. I prefer my tackle lighter… maybe a medium rod with 8 or 10 pound that will still do the job but will be more fun… just a suggestion.

  6. Thanks for sharing.  Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake, within 20 miles of Marion, KY, offer some of the best crappie, bass, catfish and bluegill fishing in the nation. Professionals and amateurs alike enjoy the vast fishing opportunities these great lakes have to offer.

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