Ledge Fishing: Techniques For Catching Huge Bass

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlLIiOfZsi8&w=560&h=420]

Fishing ledges and bluffs requires a unique fishing style not often used in other aspects of bass fishing. Matt Allen of Tactical Bassin demonstrates how to fine tune your equipment to keep a jig (or any other bait) in the strike zone longer.

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Matt’s favorite jig of all time in the “Molting Craw” color:

Matt’s Favorite Rod for Ledge Fishing:

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24 Replies to “Ledge Fishing: Techniques For Catching Huge Bass”

  1. Well, if a fish bites while you freespooling your line, you're not gonna be able to set the hook fast enough. I use this technique too, but I never disengage the reel once the lure hit the bottom.

  2. incredible how much knowledge you have, this is a very useful tip, and i will be sure to use it if i ever face the time where i need to do it, awesome video! tight lines

  3. great video matt!  i think i could definitely apply this to flipping docks and other vertical cover to let the jig fall straight down.  it would definitely beat trying to pull line out manually with my hand to create slack.

  4. Hey Matt great video! I have a tournament at clear lake in a week and was wandering if you had any recommend spots or baits that are working well out there right about now?

  5. Well I guess I am all set already since I almost never ever use tension. I never understood why everyone uses it like its a mandatory thing. It makes you cast harder while making you less accurate and almost defeats the purpose of having a butter smooth reel. It is almost a totally useless feature for me. The only place it has is on reels with no brakes or just mag brakes. I think people are doing them self a disservice by using it and should try to avoid it like the plague.

  6. Super bummed.  Common knowledge for any descent angler.  Totally feel like you just crapped this out for TW, been a big fan for a long time of you're clips. 

  7. Can you do a tips n tricks on how Bass look on sonar the set up and settings and how to fish them in open water. I'm seeing a lot of Lowrance gen 2 touch las on trolling motors

  8. with freeing up your spoil could u not just tighten up your brake to help with casting? to me you want you spoil tentioner free as possible to help smooth up the reeling no matter the technique, but still make minor adjustment with the tentioner.

  9. Would love to see a video on discharges like you'd see on a power plant lake. We slay on Fayette County lake in TX fishing the ledges of the hot water discharge channel throwing C-Rigs but I'd love to learn how to target the larger fish in these stacked up schools.

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