Master The Dropshot In 3 Steps | Bass Fishing

Learn how to master the dropshot rig from Mike Iaconelli! Watch now!

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35 Replies to “Master The Dropshot In 3 Steps | Bass Fishing”

  1. Mike is the coolest dudes, had the pleasure of meeting him in Nashville years ago 👍. KVD was a dick.

  2. Thank you Mike. It is good to hear you say " Don't Jake the fish ". This coming from a guy who would start his hook set at the front of the boat, and finish it sitting on the motor is a major improvement. It is good to see/hear you are not all show.

  3. this is awesome i have been looking up drop shotting for a lil while and no one has mentioned any of this , this helps me a ton! thank you

  4. hey Ive been asking around a lot about the drop shot setup and I've been wanting to know if the drop shot can be used with a slip bobber?

  5. I miss your urban fishing show.  These are great tips.  I will try them out.  I fish a lot of highly pressured ponds/lakes in California.  This will hopefully give me an advantage.  Thanks Mike.

  6. my friend dave did a pro am when drop shotting was still new and out fished the a wide margin..pissed the pro off…then he showed the pro and made a fishin buddy for life.

  7. Thanks for this Mike.  I now feel like I know what "drop-shot" is all about.  Will be trying it tomorrow !

  8. I just wanted to say awesome video i went out and went fishing in my pond i was using so mean baits and i didnt catch one so i came home mad i went on youtube and watched some video and i keep hearing drop shot idk what that was so i looked it up and found this video and so i made my drop shot and went back out to my pond and i got 3 fish in the very same spot so thank you your awesome

  9. I've always appreciated Mike more then most guys on the tour. I am not sure why. Maybe because he reminds me of a younger me.  I got his book also. It was a fun read.

  10. Great tips, expecially the one on how to setup the fishfinder. .. Everyone always talk about seeing the line, bait and fish but no one says how to setup the unit. .. Thanks for the tip

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