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Me vs. Brent Ehrler – California Bass Challenge – TBT

I Challenge Brent Ehrler on Diamond Valley Lake in California. This is a throwback from our “baby face” days and my bad haircut! We both fish for Big Bass with drop-shots and swimbaits in the clear water of Reservoir. This show is where I gained a lot of confidence dropshot fishing. Can’t wait to do another fishing show with him soon.

I hope you enjoy watching these old videos and of course my “Baby Face”…We will throw up some more next week if you like them.

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32 thoughts on “Me vs. Brent Ehrler – California Bass Challenge – TBT

  1. Scott Martin one cool dude! You gotta get to Cali & Fish some Fishery's like Bullard's Bar, Scott's Flat, or a Motherlode Lake would be cool.

  2. Man the water was low back then, it's way up now compared to when you went. Striper are bigger, Large Mouth are bigger now too! Come on our Mr. Martin, ton of big fish here now.

  3. You and erhler should do another one out at bullards bar and see if yall can catch some of those world record size spots.

  4. Hey Scott I was wondering if you would do a video of dangers while fishing on Lake Okeechobee because of the news of the recent loss of the fisherman, I am real sorry of the news.

  5. Go back to California this spring and fish the DELTA and CLEARLAKE and SONOMA plz or at least in the summer

  6. It's always great to see friendly fun competition, and I won't say anything bout dat hair🙀😜🎣🎣🎣

  7. Scott we all can't be in florida and fish everyday. Tonight we are getting 6 in. of snow here in Ohio. Ok now bring SPINNER WORM back and post more vids so us northern boy can dream.
    Great show keep them coming.

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