Mike Iaconelli Impression and Big Schooling Largemouth Bass

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Justin and Kenny go on another fishing adventure chasing after big schooling bass that are feeding on shad at the surface. Lipless crankbaits produced most of the fish but the topwater strikes were the most fun to watch. Many bass hit the topwater baits and where never hooked, sometimes knocking the lures up into the air!

A wide selection of Dobyns rods were used along with LFT’s flourohybrid line to make extra long cast to the schooling bass.

As always Kenny and Justin have a good time fishing. Kenny suggest Justin used a Mike Iaconelli impression after catching a bass. That is yet to be verified


8 Replies to “Mike Iaconelli Impression and Big Schooling Largemouth Bass”

  1. Hey love your vids very informative and helpful. One question, why do you just throw the fish back in the water, they tend to swim as fast as they can straight to the bottom. If your in any kind of deep water this can mess with their swim bladders and shallow they will take a header on the bottom, it seems unnecessary. I don't want to seem like I am being judgemental as you are a thousand times better fisherman than I am but even if the fish is a couple of lbs. it needs to be shown the same love as a lunker, peace.

  2. hi, i see your a great fisherman and i figured maybe you could help me out. my problem isnt catching the bass its catching big ones. no matter how hard i try i cant hook a big bass. im going to start fishing tournaments for my school next year and im very worried that ill cc

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