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Mike Iaconelli’s Boat Tour | Organization & Storage | Bass Fishing

Mike Iaconelli takes us on a tour of his bass boat and shows us exactly how he organizes and stores his tackle in his fishing boat!

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42 thoughts on “Mike Iaconelli’s Boat Tour | Organization & Storage | Bass Fishing

  1. mike my dad has the same boat as you and he said he absolutely loves it. He had a bass kat pantera when he was doing the pro circuit "back in the day"

  2. if things are so reliable these days why so many spares? I mean spare trolling motor?

  3. that lowrance thing should be higher, in my opinion that thing is slowly cooking him,but mike u got a kik ass boat bro.

  4. Be careful with that radar bro. The saltwater guys usually rig theirs high and out of the way because of the radiation it produces. Good luck and God bless!

  5. 30 rods??! those mustve cost 5 grand alone… fml.. all his equipment might be 15-20k worth of stuff^^

  6. cant you just go fishing with a snare,lures and boat.or you dont even need a boat, just fish from the shore. that's real fishing

  7. Contrary to popular belief, most professional fisherman get nothing or very little for free from their company.

  8. If you have ever launched with 100+ boats in fog with less than 3ft. visibility you would understand why they have radar, especially on the river systems. It's also very common for 95% of the guys on tour to carry a complete set of replacement electronics and an extra trolling motor in their boat. It's provided to them by their sponsors and it's what they need in case something happens and goes down to stay competitive.

  9. bit over the top with four sounders/gps/radar and you probally just have money to waste you defentiley dont need a radar on a bass boat

  10. @SoCalBassMasta99 @5:38 you see those triangle hatches that say spiderwire? Those are his live wells.

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