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More Winter Bassin’ Tips: Carolina Rig Secrets

The basic setup of the Carolina rig with its heavy weight (usually ranging in size from 1/2 to 1 ounce) and soft plastic lure trailing behind on a leader line is ideal for dragging slowly along structure to trigger strikes from bottom-hugging bass. The Carolina rig consists of a sinker, bead and barrel swivel on the main line followed by a leader line tied to the swivel on one end and a hook with a soft plastic lure on the other end. The lures, leader lengths, weight sizes and shapes depend on the cover and structure you will be fishing. With a properly assembled Carolina Rig, target offshore structure like humps, rock piles, or hard wood where bass will be set up.

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13 thoughts on “More Winter Bassin’ Tips: Carolina Rig Secrets

  1. Wish there was an Alabama rig in the box i was with him all day and caught like 50 on it place was loaded

  2. Can you guys give less catch co lures there cool and all but catch co is not the reason I signed up

  3. Someone needs to sponsor this guy a boat. He speaks clearly explains very detailed i like his videos more than som of the others who talk fast and don’t explain as clearly.

  4. I got this is my box this past month. Took it out and paired it with the Biospawn Viral Craw. Only fished it for 15 minutes or so and got a good bite just didn’t get my book set in time. Ready to try it again.

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