MTB Bass Fishing School – How to Fish Every Bait in the Box – All the Tips and Techniques

Today I take every bait in the Mystery Tackle Box and show you how to fish each one. I’m calling it the MTB Bass Fishing School. I attempt to give you every tip and technique that comes to mind while I try to catch fish on the lures. You never know what you’ll catch with what come in the MTB Pro Box.
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Reel – 13 Fishing Concept A –
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Camera – GoPro Hero3
Camera stands – YoloTek
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36 Replies to “MTB Bass Fishing School – How to Fish Every Bait in the Box – All the Tips and Techniques”

  1. Yeah.. My May box, didnt have the instagram contest deal in it…. and it took 15 days to get it.. Cancelled my account…. Sorry MTB, but get it together please….

  2. if you try and jerk a backlash out of flurocarbon and it kinks the line, better strip off and retie or lure will fly across the lake. alot if young guys have only used flurocarbon and think it's great. I wonder if they ever tried mono and know how much more forgiving and easier to cast and tie it is. I don't fish deep or clear water. not trying to say flurocarbon doesn't work, just it's a little tougher on beginners.

  3. Even though you didn't catch much these videos are always helpful. Plus it's always nice to see professionals like you struggle sometimes too, makes the sport more relatable. Thanks for all the hard work you put into making fishing a more accessible activity for all of us.

  4. As far as the top water bite, I don't like the counting method to set the hook, as long as I feel the weight of the fish i'm gonna try to cross their eyes.

  5. They keep sending me old recycled boxes from a few months ago. Not happy with it. I really was excited to get the new box with the ruler but I got a box from a few months ago

  6. Love your videos brother. always so chill and informative. looks like I am PCS back to the East coast I would love to come down and fish with you sometime next year brother

  7. Hi Gene! We are missing you guys here in Augusta! Just some food for thought… i've been killing the bass for the last couple weeks on a 1/8 oz jig head and a 3 inch silver flake grub by YUM… best in the evening bank fishing. Caught and released 7 the other night all between 2.5 and 4 except one 6lb 12oz. I know you dont fish a grub much but just thought I'd let you know its been working pretty good!

  8. hay jene. I seen them type of tungsten weights on tackle wear house today. I just typed in tungsten and there it was. its called the vike tungsten Carolina weight image that lol. hope that helps ya out in the future. tight lines

  9. If Gene can't catch anything but a turtle I am glad I was not in the boat.. Tuff morning. Not messing with Thunderstorms is always a WIN.

  10. I also have no luck with poppers. I have not been fishing or doing YouTube long but every other bass bait I seem to be able to catch fish on just not poppers…

  11. I didn't see the promo to receive your first box would you send it to me please thank you and I see all your videos and have learned a lot thanks again

  12. You had the same luck I do. Would have been nice to see the topwater baits working. I know this maybe hard when you don't have anyone filming for you.Always enjoy your videos.

  13. Gene, need a video on breaking down new kayaking water. I have been kayak bass angling for about 4 months and having the worst luck. The first month was basically figuring out the yak, now I am fishing many different lakes but having no luck. I am using the basic color patterns by matching water. I live near Cincinnati and bass are just starting to spawn. From land I have no issues but from a yak, I might as well quit. Let me know your thoughts

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