Must Watch !!! Top 3 Winter Bass Fishing Baits

The top 3 Winter Fishing Baits

These baits will get you the most bites during the cold winter months.

Jig – Provides a very slow moving presentation, also providing a big meal for fish with minimal effort. Can cover water, work wood, and dying grass. Allows you to work deeper water columns.
Jerk Bait – Following pattern of slow moving baits, the jerk bait is a great bait to work very slow, a few twitches and pause. This allows the fish time to move slowly over, get interested and commit to the bite. Also can cover a lot of water, and many depth columns pending which size lip you use.

Blade Bait – bass are lethargic, dropping this bait on the bottom or just a few feet above them allows for big bass to move slow and get a big meal. Much like the Jig, the blade bait mimics a dying fish with very slow minimal movements, also covering deep depths.

Honorable Mention – Grub – with a slow retrieve and good tail action, the grub can produce some very large bass. When bass suspended in vertical cover are hard to reach, the grub on a weedless ball head is deadly. Can be worked like a worm, or a slow moving swim bait.


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