My BIGGEST FREAK OUT EVER While Bass Fishing!!!


An incredible day of bass fishing came to a unprecedented climax that caused a wave of emotions that rival any I’ve ever felt while playing this sport! This bass fishing video has all kinds of things going on and will keep you entertained throughout, so stick around ’till the end and you’ll understand what I mean when I say “my biggest freak out ever!”. Many of you will relate to this video and many of you know people that will relate to it as well, so share it, like it and comment with your story of the one that got away…

Thanks for watching!!!

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49 Replies to “My BIGGEST FREAK OUT EVER While Bass Fishing!!!”

  1. Brother it's not how big of fish we catch it's the great memories we make be good be safe God bless always

  2. Hey Cornell: Monday fishing is so fine. Great to see you enjoying it like that. This summer is going to be my first using the TRD. Looking forward to it!

  3. Another awesome video as always!! I don't think I will be grabbing a snake out like you did lol Next time on the TM, that was fun to watch!!

  4. Nice man. Been a fan/subscriber for a while. Question for ya …. what's your technique/what are you looking for on your hookset? I've noticed that your hookset is much more subtle than the other fishing youtubers, so I'm interested in your take on it 🙂 Thanks so much dude — keep it going!!!!

  5. Great video! Have you ever been able to get a summertime early topwater bite out there on Seneca?

  6. Geez you caught everything Bass, a snake, turtle, 2 lures nice day on the water my friend👍🏾

  7. Dude you videos are awesome. You give really nice details and description on what rig your using. Keep em coming my man

  8. at 12:28…I know that spot…have you ever gone down a little shallower around that bend….theres those little bouys on both sides….try fishing along the edge of that drop off….when its on there the bite is crazy….keep it hush hush… too many guys fish the lake already hah

  9. Love your videos!  Keep them coming!  If you ever want to come up to NJ and do some musky fishing let me know.  I have a few lakes by my house that are loaded with them.

  10. This is the first video I've seen of yours and I really enjoyed it, I subscribed

  11. Great vid. man! Keep it up! I am really hoping that you and Mike can fish again.

  12. Fun watching your reaction. Sorry you lost him. One of the best YouTube fishing channels right here. You should link up with SBFISHINGTV. Both of you guys are on the east coast and down to earth anglers.

  13. damn what can't you catch! you were on, I was thinking the same thing if you were in a tournament you'd have put the competition to shame!you would've definitely got a check for sure!

  14. I screamed like a little girl to myself when you grabbed that snake! I have nothing against them, as long as I can see them and they aren't close to me lol

  15. How do you fish the Ned rig? Hop it on the bottom like a Texas rig it seems…

  16. great video! nothing wrong with a little excitement to make for a great time on the water!

  17. Another fishermen with an appreciation for snakes and other reptiles, that's so awesome. Snakes and largemouth Bass, my favorite combo. Nothing better on a warm day than to pull in some Largemouth and then to go flip some limestone bluffs on a south facing hillside and get some photos of some beautiful Eastern Milk Snakes. I love your channel man, very relatable, I feel like I'm there. No nonsense, just straight fishing and fun. Keep up the uploads, I love watching.

  18. Cool garter snake I remember one time I went up north and caught tons of garter snakes at an edge of a pond But down south I always will find super pretty yellow rat snakes and black racers they are so cool one time I was catching a black racer and I grabbed him and was getting him out of the bushes I hit a wasps nest and then I started getting stung but I remember I still held on to him and he was about four foot racer that was the funniest snake catch ever except for the stings

  19. I wish I had a bass lake closer to me. The lakes I have close are full of red drum and catfish

  20. Great  video  nothing  fancy  just  good fishing  and  a very  personable   host , keep them coming .

  21. Glad to see someone else that appreciates snakes. They have a bad reputation because they're not fluffy and cuddly. Personally, the Gaboon Viper is one of my favorites.

  22. Love the Z-man Ned Rig TRD's one of the best fishing catching baits on the market.

  23. What a great video sir! The excitement is genuine and I relate! The enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoors and overall positivity you show us is really something. It's inspiring. You're obviously a skilled guy, thank you for sharing! 🇺🇸

  24. I used to fish the Delaware river all the time in New Jersey for smallies & I can't tell you enough I had a tiger come up and smash one of my smallies in front of me it was nuts man!

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