My NEW BACKYARD POND??!! |Bass Fishing

Check out how I turned my bike into a fishing bike, how I rig worms for bass and MY BACKYARD POND!!! Let me know what you think in the comments below and enjoy!!!

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21 Replies to “My NEW BACKYARD POND??!! |Bass Fishing”

  1. If you took us on an adventure to New Zealand…I would be so happy!

    I’d like to go somewhere around the month of September or October.


    PS: you really should call the city before the mosquito’s start to multiply.

  2. Grassless hook. Lol. It's a EWG hook. Extra wide gap. Just for future reference. Texas rigged is the way the bait is put on the hook. And when u bury the hook point back into the bait, it's called "texsposed". I dunno if I spelled that correctly. Lol. U def get the importance of finding good angles the way u were climbing all over shit. Put a 1/4 oz bullet weight on that worm.

  3. Get a bike rack for the back and mount a milk crate on it with zip ties.then you can attach some rod holder to the milk crate and carry a small tackle pack in it.but be careful the bike can get a bit top heavy and if you dont set it right it will tip over.always take your rods out of the holders before you leave the bike in case it falls over

  4. Found you on Instagram. Nice channel….looking forward seeing more great content. I’m also a saltwater angler learning to bass fish. I have caught redfish and specks on a speed craw which is a bass bait. I’d say try them saltwater lures. It’s all in the action.

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