My pet Bass New Aquarium Fish!!!

These are just a few steps on what You will need in order to take care of a pet bass.If you want to know how to get your own baby bass click this link.

1 Sufficient tank
2 Filter
3 Aerator or Ogygenator
4 Lighting
5 Rocks & Plants
6 Food

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23 Replies to “My pet Bass New Aquarium Fish!!!”

  1. I got 6 bass in a huge pond and they are like 12 and 1 inch long no tank can hold them except the 200 gallon tank for the small ones don't like to show off my bass on yt.

  2. Good video! Found this while trying to see what I should name my own bass aquarium "how to" video, which should go up tonight. However, an aquarium of this size can only be temporary housing. A growing bass needs a drastically larger tank. Secondly, putting the tank against a window can lead to excessive algae growth, which really makes cleaning a pain, as well as increases the frequency of cleanings needed to maintain an aesthetically-pleasing display.

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