Mystery Tackle Box vs Largemouth Bass!

In todays video, I received this Awesome MTB and was challenged to go catch a fish on Every Lure in the Box! Huge thanks to Mystery Tackle Box for making this video possible!

Mystery Tackle Box:

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22 Replies to “Mystery Tackle Box vs Largemouth Bass!”

  1. Love your vids man keep up the good work, I appreciated that u wet the box so that u wouldn't take the slime off of them but then u put the bass in the dirt and i feet the pain of the bass:/

  2. Im from the southwest part great videos bro gotta fish with you one day 🤙🏽🔥 keep it up

  3. also something that would give you a bunch of views and somethings that no one on youtube has done is stock a snakehead in your pond

  4. please stock peacock bass, jaguar cichlids, oscars, midas cichlids, and a massive largemouth in your pond

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