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Northern Winter Bass Fishing With Keitech Swimbaits. MA. Bass, Pickerel, Perch, Crappie

Bass Fishing in Southern Massachusetts in the middle of January catching largemouth bass, pickerel, perch, and crappie fishing a 4inch Keitech Swimbait really slow along the bottom to connect fish.
Water Temp:36°f
Air Temp:35°f-40°f
Lure: Keitech Easy Shiner Swimbait rigged w/ 1/8-1/4oz jig head
Reel:Diawa Laguna Spinning
Line: 10lb Power Pro Green Moss Braid 12lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leader
Rod: 7’6″ St, Croix Tidmaster Medium Moderate Action Spinning Rod


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29 thoughts on “Northern Winter Bass Fishing With Keitech Swimbaits. MA. Bass, Pickerel, Perch, Crappie

  1. Hi nice vid here like all your vids very informative Thanks
    I have decided to switch 1 of my spin rods to braid this year. I have fished mono all my life (I'm 64 this yr) but since watching you I think I'll give it a try, couple ???'s though. What knot do you use to tie your leader to the braid??? I've used that lure knot that you use for quite some time now and haven't lost a lure or rig in years always just a Grannie knot before that.
    Thanks for any help you can give me. Tight lines my friend and big fish

  2. GREAT VIDEO! Thanks for sharing. oh I have one question. what spacific color is that sexy swim shad if you don't mind me asking?

  3. You have to be a "Fish Aholic" to fish in those temps. Hats off to you.
    I've been in Montauk for 3 days now (for work) with my fishing gear in my truck but I have yet to hit the shores. With 20' waves, 15 – 35 mph winds, and 25° – 35° temps I cannot build the courage to go out there.
    Friday is looking good though.

  4. Great vid! Always wondered if you could fish there! Now I know you can and will be giving it a try. Do you know if you can kayak in there?

  5. great pickerel my pb this year is 3.6 lb looking to increase that there a golf course close to me and it seems like every year the pickerel come in during the winter and become far more aggressive than the bass only in certain ponds but there big and chunky this year possibly due to a warmer and slightly longer fall with a little more feeding time. great video

  6. Manchester is loaded with monster pickerel , been fishing there for years..the largemouth in there are massive as well..when the water gets low in the summer you can get to all the drop-offs..great spot

  7. I cannot wait bro, I've been hitting a small pond in little Compton RI with some decent luck on small craw..pickerel have been ruling the week..

  8. that's awesome when they are stacked like that especially in the winter..that lake is crazy the spring wading through the water you're going to see clouds of baitfish in the water and schools of crappie..

  9. yeah that crappie was a beast..I do allot of Striper fishing in RI and reside in Bristol..Have you ever fished out of the Sakonnet River? The Fall run of bass and Albies was crazy

  10. the backwaters in Bristol can be pretty hot with some mid 30-40 inch fish if the bait is present.. if you're ever in the area lets get together and put a hurting on some fish..

  11. great video. I'm in philly and these north eastern tactics are rarely portrayed on the internet. Very informative. hope you can get more vids before everything is ice

  12. Hey There nice action there!

    what size is that sexy shad swim bait? also what type/size jig head did you use?( i know you said the jig head size, couldn't quite catch it…)

    Thank you! Tight Lines!

  13. Did you go fishing at the Attleboro reservoir I sure hope you got a permit for fishing their. I never new that their were fish that big.

  14. I live in wenham , aren't all the fish deep in the winter? And what would you use right now if you were there?

  15. Very informative video man, keep up the good work. This is the first video I watched on your Chanel and I immediately hit the subscribe button. Just one quick question if you know, what brand is the jighead? Eagle Claw?

  16. nice bass man I fish up there all the time great spot. you should also check out orrs pond in Attleboro great spot for largemouth and chain pickerel.

  17. Love your channel!. Starting to get mine going. I'm based in Ashland and the Middlesex county area.

  18. I grew up in Attleboro MA. where Manchester reservoir is located. Fished there many times growing up. But in January , we were ice fishing

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