NOT the typical way to fish a Lipless Crankbait for Bass – Pro Fishing Tips Scott Martin

Unique way of fishing a Lipless Crankbait. This technique will help put some extra bass in the boat. I discuss the “how to” aspects of this style. The Tip-Series is designed to help you become a better fisherman. Hope it helps..

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Main Camera (Panasonic GH4):

Wide Lens (Panasonic 7-14mm):
Standard Lens (Panasonic 12-35mm):
Long Lens (Panasonic 35-100mm):

Drone (DJI Phantom 3 Professional):
Action Camera (Garmin Virb Ultra 30):

Memory Cards for Main Camera (Lexar 64gb SD):
Memory Cards for Drone and Virbs (SanDisk Ultra 64gb Micro SD):

Camera Rig (Opteka X-GRIP):

Power Blocks for Virbs (EasyAcc 20000mAh Power Bank):


Shotgun Mic (RODE VideoMicro):
Windscreen for Shotgun:
Wireless Mic (Sennheiser Lav):
Audio Recorder (ZOOM H6):


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27 Replies to “NOT the typical way to fish a Lipless Crankbait for Bass – Pro Fishing Tips Scott Martin”

  1. damn scott now i got to tell the wife i need a side veiw and a teo more rods and reels rod for this style of bass fishing. She stands behind my decisions will have to tell her you said its a must lol

  2. +Scott Martin…. Tell me about the P-line tactical, is it everything they said it would be. I throw almost exclusively Seagaur invis-x now but I am a P-line man at heart..let me know

  3. Love these videos, id love to see a video a little more in depth on reading different sonars/views (If you have one already..sorry.. maybe link it) . What brush piles look like vs rock piles etc. There is very few descriptive videos on this also everyone explains things different. As always though. awesome video.

  4. Scott,
    Was kinda warm here in Maryland today, so made my first 2017 fishing trip. I threw the Red-eye Shad, one in chili craw, the other a bluegill pattern. I worked them exactly like you said in this video…….caught three big ones, one my PB (about 6 lbs.) Thanks for the pointers!

  5. Scotty, FYI thinner line is more sensitive.
    Also, soft fluorocarbon is going to be less sensitive vs stiff fluorocarbon.Many companies suggest soft fluorocarbon to use on spinning reels.

  6. Scott the lake I fish is always stained dirty it has alot of fishing pressure and is in Muncie Indiana how soon will be a good time to hit the lake it's still 30 to 40 Degrees here

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