Ohio’s Super Slot Limit Bass Lake

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxSAkezP6wU&w=640&h=480]

Wolf Run is a secret gem when it comes to Ohio Bass Fishing. The strictly regulated length and harvest numbers allow bass to no only grow plentiful but, big! Wolf Run Lake has an airport associated with it and as a result there is a no fly zone so I wasn’t able to fly the DJI Phantom 4 drone for air views of the lake. At the annual Free Fishn’ with Joe Seminar I’ll be answering questions about exact fishing spots on Wolf Run Lake and other tactics I use to catch bass at this awesome Ohio Fishery. The Seminar is Saturday March 4, 2017 and starts at 1PM at R&R Bait and Tackle. The address is 781 South Front Street Columbus, Ohio 43206. Call 614 443-4954 for show details. Sign up for the Event at the link Below!


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12 Replies to “Ohio’s Super Slot Limit Bass Lake”

  1. We are anglers out of Columbus Ohio as well and just started my channel up recently We'd really like to do a collaboration video with you guys! If you could reply back asap we would really appreciate it!🔥 Just would really appreciate the help you could bring to my channel 🙏

  2. Nice video fam. I all ways good to see other fishermen so happy to do wat we love. Keep up the hard work fam. Thanks for sharing

  3. Have a hunting camp close to there. Always see the signs for wolf run when getting off at the Calwell exit but have never been there. I will now for sure!!!!! Thanks buddy, good vid!

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