one day one lure 3 – redfish magic spinnerbait


One Day One Lure – I’m taking out only one lure for a whole day of fishing. Suggest one for next time in the comments.

Does a spinnerbait work in saltwater? Yes

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50 Replies to “one day one lure 3 – redfish magic spinnerbait”

  1. Awesome video. I'd like to see you do a 1 lure day, fishing with the Split Tail Sparkle Beetle of any color. And I'd like to see you do some Flounder fishing too.

  2. try fishing for flounder speckle trout and red drum with mighty bites let see if you can catch one with it .and the flounder has to be 18in ,and speckle trout pass 15in,and red drum pass 20in

  3. Try out chicken on the chain. Usually I use a size 3 swim hook 3/8oz and a 4" lure. Kills trout and reds even flounder. Great video.

  4. nice video I make a bet .. if you put a clean cigarette filter  on a hook you will catch fish . I seen it done . you have way too many fish around you. . I have way too many fisherman around me and not enough fish ..

  5. Vudu shrimp plz it is a great bait a lot of action and it's tough : DO NOT store with other plastics

  6. I just picked up one of those redfish magic lures Saturday. I didn't even unpack it, but I definitely will next time!

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