Ouachita River Forsyth Park to D’Arbonne Bayou Spillway Running in Bass Boat

GoPro footage of my run to Spillway on 1st day of official practice for BASS Nation National Championship. Run made in Triton 19X3 w/ 200 OptiMax Mercury — Click to SUB –

Water levels were at about 21.3ft Careful of the S-Turns. How to run from Forsythe to D’arbonne Spillway

Filmed with GoPro Silver 3+


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6 Replies to “Ouachita River Forsyth Park to D’Arbonne Bayou Spillway Running in Bass Boat”

  1. Awesome video grew up fishing the river and the bayou…  The video just doesn't do it justice on how hard and difficult the run actually is….

  2. I lived in West Monroe the first 31 years of my life and I tournament fished these waters a lot in my adult years in the 80's and 90's. I never made the full run mainly because we didn't have GPS yet and it was just to easy to get out of the channel and find a stump or a lay down or just get lost. I moved to Texas in the early 90's so I could fish Lake Fork. I'd love to get back there and make that run just so I could say I did it. I  also have the run from Monroe to the gulf @ Venice, LA on my bucket list as well…….Thanks for posting this video………….

  3. great vid i have fished the bayou a pretty good bit and you are not livin life till you get on some good stumps like there and cheniere lake!!!!Lol!!

  4. Great vid. How long do you think it would take to canoe from the spillway to the confluence of the bayou and the Ouachita?

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