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Paddle Tail Swimbait Tips – Bass Fishing Techniques

Paddle tail swimbaits are the most effective clear water fishing lure in my opinion. I think they really shine in the spring and fall, but are very versatile and can be fished all year long. I have caught big smallmouth and largemouth on these and will always have some with me no matter where I go.

The rods I use:

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9 thoughts on “Paddle Tail Swimbait Tips – Bass Fishing Techniques

  1. Swimbait! I really like how you describe your choice in swimbaits based on smallmouth or largemouth, great job! I just subbed and liked, when you get a chance check out my channel and if you like, sub back!! Thanks and keep up the great vids!

  2. Swim bait. Thanks again. What's the retrieve like on those? Steady reel, start stop? I've never used a swim bait.

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