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We Are a Nation of Bass Fishermen!

Who We Are!

We're a nation of bass fisherman! We especially love to catch big largemouth bass. We also host and direct bass fishing tournaments on Table Rock and other Southwest Missouri lakes! Enjoy our thousands of articles and videos you and you bass fishing buddy's will love!

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HOW TO Tie BRAIDED Fishing Line to MONOFILAMENT or Fluorocarbon Leader- Easy and Strong Fishing Knot

Video demonstrates a very easy and strong fishing knot for connecting braided line to your monofilament leader. This fishing knot is very strong and is easy to tie. The knot is very similar to the Albright, technically the Reverse Albright but with the addition of the Surgeons Loop to close off the braid instead of having the open loop In the past I had used barrel swivels for my monofilament leaders and ran into problems with the barrel getting hung up in the rods tip and breaking the guide's ring. This knot when finished has a very low profile and goes through the guides on my fishing rods very cleanly. The striped bass and bluefish I target fishing the Fire Island Inlet in New York have put this knot to the test over the past several years and I have not had the knot fail at all. Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters fishes the waters of Great South Bay and Fire Island Inlet on Long Island's south shore for striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, fluke and other local species. Visit the website

Liz Largemouth Bass Fishing. Two 9 Pound Bass!

Buy these worms from our website Subscribe to see more videos. Follow us on social media: Liz catching some good fish in the Summer of

Bass Fishing in a Dried up Canal

Dropped my brother off to meet with his friends and had a little time to fish this dried up canal. I always wondered if there was bass in this spot while driving south. I was able to land 2 fish before having to leave to pick my brother up. Overall a successful day of testing new

Spring Bass Fishing for Largemouth and Smallmouth

This week, Craig and I head to Canyon lake. It's a new lake for both of us but we loved it! Smallmouth and largemouth bass on topwater, cranking and good old fashioned dragging a worm. Craig catches his first smallmouth bass ever! SUBSCRIBE if you like watching! Follow me on Twitter Want to learn more about me? Visit my website If you want to find our more about the stuff I use, check out these guys Check out my Alma Mater TAMU Dobyns Rods Lake Fork Trophy Lures

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Large Mouth bass fishing, big bass / bluegill / spring fed lake, Ohio.

Please comment, share, like and subscribe: then check out I went to this spot hoping to find the white bass running this bank, but it was full of large mouth instead. May 5, 2012. This lake has no above ground incoming or outgoing water sources, but instead has a Large freshwater spring which keeps it fed full of crystal clear water. Fishing is a fun and healthy pastime. This lake also has large bluegill. How to catch