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Largemouth Bass Nation

We Are a Nation of Bass Fishermen!

Who We Are!

We're a nation of bass fisherman! We especially love to catch big largemouth bass. We also host and direct bass fishing tournaments on Table Rock and other Southwest Missouri lakes! Enjoy our thousands of articles and videos you and you bass fishing buddy's will love!

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I STILL Catch Bass Fishing Spinnerbaits! Learn Secret Pro Tips

[youtube] While the chatterbait or bladed jig gets more attention, I am still catching bass fishing a spinnerbait. In this seminar, I'll share with you how to know when to fish a chatterbait and when to fish a spinnerbait. I'll share secret tips, tactics and techniques to help you select the right bait, size, blade, trailer, line, rod, reel and more! Want to learn how to fish a spinnerbait or how to fish a chatterbait? Check out this full seminar & for a limited time, get 10 days free at Special thanks to Jason Christie for conducting this 43-minute seminar for us in Tulsa, OK. You can buy spinnerbaits and chatterbaits from Tackle Warehouse at and

Catching BIG Topwater Bass In A Tournament – 2nd Place Finish!!

It just doesn't get any better than catching big topwater bass in a tournament! My buddy Austin and I hit the water in a local tournament and catch 21 pounds total for our 5 best largemouth bass, and take 2nd place by just 4 ounces! If you enjoyed this video, let me know by SUBSCRIBING! Gear I used in this tournament: Lew's Custom Speed Stick Rod 7'6 Heavy Mag Frog Lew's Custom Speed Spool MSB Casting Reel 8.3 : 1 Mustad Plastic Frog Double Hook 2pk Stanley Ribbit Frog 3.5 Austin's Insta: SUBSCRIBE to join me on the water:👍 Get onboard with TRF and Follow me here: INSTAGRAM: (@TylersReelFishing) Snapchat: TylersReelFish For Central Texas Real Estate, Contact My Dad HERE: Wan't to grab a SWEET ConnectScale like I use? Get 15% off here using the Code TRF: Wanna Get a Lucky Tackle Box like I have?? Use this code for $5 off!! Wondering what Clothes I wear? Check out Carhartt here: Guess WHATT?? I have TWO OTHER YouTube Channels: Music: Productions: My editing setup: Macbook Pro 13in Retina Display (Fully upgraded processor and memory) Adobe Premiere

Fishing Lake Powell – Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass!

[youtube] Fishing Lake Powell for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass is so fun! Here are some clips of the best baits to use, and several of the 190 bass we caught on this amazing two day trip. For more information about the trip, and to pick up some of these baits to help you catch fish head over to the detailed report

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25 FISH DAY!!-Bass Fishing Offshore Grass-13 Fishing Concept Z Test!!!

[youtube] What is up everyone! Thanks for checking out the bassallyear channel again! Today I hit up a Chain of Lakes with a friend to practice for an upcoming tournament ill captain some High School Anglers in! With all the Talk on the 13 Fishing Concept Z I took it out for over 10 HOURS Fishing it HARD!! Check out the full video for all its performance!We caught tons of Chain Pickerel and over 20 Largemouth Bass each in a 10 hour day! Fun day of

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