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Largemouth Bass Nation

We Are a Nation of Bass Fishermen!

Who We Are!

We're a nation of bass fisherman! We especially love to catch big largemouth bass. We also host and direct bass fishing tournaments on Table Rock and other Southwest Missouri lakes! Enjoy our thousands of articles and videos you and you bass fishing buddy's will love!

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Al Lindner on the fun of Spinnerbait fishing in the fall

[youtube] Spinner Baits produce smallmouth all season long, but spring and fall are really the most productive times of year for this family of baits. Here is an outtake from the 2012 Lindner's Angling Edge show. Whalin' on smallies with spinners - some of the most fun I have all year. For more info or to purchase click

College Tournament Bass Fishing – Midwestern Regional Bassmaster 2015

This is a video of the Bassmaster College Series Midwest Regional Tournament that took place on pools 7, 8, and 9 of the Mississippi River in La Crosse Wisconsin. It was our first College tournament and we fished for the University of Wisconsin Platteville, we placed 5th out of 82 boats and had a great time. This video was filmed with a GoPro HD Hero 2 suction cup mounted to the driver side windshield. 2015 Royalty Free Music (I do not own the rights to this music) 1. Happy Piano Dance Song 2013 royalty free music 2.Dirty South Trap Music Dubstep 2013 royalty free

Don’t Let What’s Hidden In This Thick Brush Ruin Your Day….Catching Multiple Species in COLD Water

[youtube] Had to happen eventually....everyone wish Matty ice a happy bday. David's video from Monday (CLICK IT) music by Dyalla Swain BASS MAN JIGS...[my favorite flipping jigs] My Musky Fishing Reel - Bass Fishing Reels Abu Garcia Premiere - STX - Orra - Daiwa Tatula 8.1:1 Shimano Sedona My Bass Fishing Rods Daiwa Zillion - Duckett Ghost - Camera Gear Big Camera - Big Camera Wide Angle Lens - GoPro's We Use - GoPro Mic - GoPro Mount To Use Mic - Editing Software - Drone - Lil Tripod Guy - Portable Battery Charger - ^ Above Are Associate Links

Catching 15 lbs of Bass on Pomme de Terre lake in Under 3 Hours!

Catching 15 lbs of Bass on Pomme de Terre lake in Under 3 Hours. Warm, even hot for Halloween Day in southwest Missouri. Got a late start, hit the water about 12:45 pm, for a little bass fishing. Just 3 hours later, was back at the ramp with almost 15 pounds of nice largemouth bass. The biggest, a 6.5 lb largemouth is the catch featured in this video. Caught the 6.5 and a near 4 pounder, both on one bank within a 200 yard stretch! Then a 16 and 17 spotted bass a hour or so later. Total weight of near 15 lbs. Where's the weigh in when you need one!? All 4 fish caught on a 2.5 Square bill on this color..... Be sure and see the biggest fish I've caught in 2017 on this short

BASS Nation Angler of the Year 2016 – Quantum Reels – Dean Silvester

[youtube] BASS Nation Angler of the Year 2016 - Quantum Reels - Dean Silvester Bass Fishing video, i run through the team quantum reels that helped me secure my second AOY title in as many seasons. I explain briefly why i used certain reels throughout the season and hopefully it will help you when you are searching for what reel to use when chasing bass. Search ‘Dean Silvester Fishing’ to find other fishing videos like this or for more detailed information checkout my blogs at Follow Dean Silvester and stay tuned! Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -