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Largemouth Bass Nation

We Are a Nation of Bass Fishermen!

Who We Are!

We're a nation of bass fisherman! We especially love to catch big largemouth bass. We also host and direct bass fishing tournaments on Table Rock and other Southwest Missouri lakes! Enjoy our thousands of articles and videos you and you bass fishing buddy's will love!

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[youtube] This Bill Dance fishing tip is brought to you by the Bill Dance App. Download it today for iPhone, iPad and Android devices! Please subscribe to watch more Bill Dance video including bloopers and full-length Saltwater

Crankbait fishing for Smallmouth Bass – Spring Time Lake Erie

[youtube] Fishing in the spring for spawning smallmouth bass can bring some of the biggest bites of your life. It's mid May and we're crushing smallmouth bass with crankbaits on Lake Erie. website: Connect with us: @Rah_Fish @Rah_Fish Jacob Wheeler Bassmaster Classic - Crankbait tips Kevin Hawk Bassmaster Classic - DUO Realis Casey Martin Bassmaster Classic - Rat L Trap Summertime Largemouth Bass Fishing - Flipping a 10 inch worm Related to: Bass Fishing Video, Bass fishing tips, crankbait fishing, smallmouth bass fishing, smallmouth crankbaits, spawn

How to fish a Square Bill Crankbait for Big Bass – Line, Rod and Retrieve – Secret Fishing Tip

[youtube] - Big Bass catching secrets revealed with the new River2Sea Square Bill Crank baits. What size rod, What size line and other important tips is what Scott Martin will show you in this How to fishing Video! Square Bill crankbaits are a very versatile fish catching crank bait and technique ....learn the pro tips to make you better. For more info on the products used go to and

Fishing Spring Spinnerbaits in Shallow Cover

[youtube] FLW Tour pro Terry Bolton catches several bass on spinnerbaits in this tip video on how he targets shallow cover in the spring around the bass spawn. Several good suggestions in this one


[youtube] My Best Tips & Secrets for hooking up with Bigger Bass, Pollock, & many others. CLICK- Scene Selection Menu -- Access for all chapters listed in the Description. Succeed on the shore at lure fishing or spinning with soft plastics, by employing simple methods shown here. What lures to use for Bass, Pollock, Wrasse, Pike fishing. Lures that won't break the bank with Developed techniques, tricks, & some secret sauce. This is a must watch for the beginner & intermediate angler. ____________________________________________________________________ SCENE SELECTION MENU: ____________________________________________________________________ CHAPTER LIST (Just click on a time below TO SELECT¬) 00:01mins 1. INTRODUCTION TO LURES 5:46mins 2. LURE SPEED 8:20mins 3. THE MEXICAN STAND-OFF 10:22mins 4. HARD TO SOFT PLASTICS 15:17mins 5. SOFT PLASTICS 19:34mins 6. ***** CHILD-PROOF RIGGING METHOD for soft plastics 21:38mins 7.

AZ Bass Nation

[youtube] Don McDowell interviews members of the Arizona BASS Nation at Bill Luke Bass

Catch Bass in Clear Water with these tips

[youtube] Al and Troy Lindner employ and explain tactics for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass in clear water from top to bottom. From our 2013 Lindner's Angling Edge show 10 segment

Spinnerbait Tips For Bass Fishing

[youtube] JP talks about different types of spinnerbaits, why they should be part of your bass fishing arsenal and how to use them to your advantage. For more videos from Getting School's with JP DeRose, go to: