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Largemouth Bass Nation

We Are a Nation of Bass Fishermen!

Who We Are!

We're a nation of bass fisherman! We especially love to catch big largemouth bass. We also host and direct bass fishing tournaments on Table Rock and other Southwest Missouri lakes! Enjoy our thousands of articles and videos you and you bass fishing buddy's will love!

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Amazing UNDERWATER Bass Fishing Footage of Tim CATCHING a BIG SPOTTED BASS!

[youtube] Let's head underwater to watch as Tim fishes for a BIG Spotted Bass with a variety of baits and talks us through what is happening! Want to learn how to catch these big bass? Watching bass behavior underwater is the fastest way to become a better fisherman. Time on the water has always been the most efficient way to become a great angler. Now that we can head underwater with a GoPro and actually watch the fish's movements and behavioral patterns the time involved in becoming a great angler is shorter than ever before! These videos are more than entertainment. They're a first hand look at the mannerisms that we can't see from the surface. Tim uses 3 different baits to approach this Spotted Bass... 2.8 Keitech: Revenge Dart Hedz: Dirty Jigs Football Jig (Supermat Brown): Yamamoto Double Tail Grub: 6 Osprey Tournament Talon (Reverse Hitch): Need the gear to throw these baits? Here is what Tim was fishing with for this bass: Keitech Combo... Rod- Dobyns 742 Spinning Rod: Reel- Daiwa Certate Spinning Reel: Line- Sunline 6 lb: Jig Combo... Rod- GLX

Fishing Planet | Ep. 1 | How to catch Largemouth Bass and Bowfin in Missouri | Mudwater River

Jake Vegas Digital presents : Fishing Planet 2017 gameplay -- how to catch bass in Missouri. This is also a how to catch bowfin in Missouri guide. Mudwater River, Missouri is one of the toughest locations to fish for beginners and it is the second location in Fishing Planet that is available to the player. I'm going to show you how to easily catch largemouth bass and bowfin in Mudwater River, Missouri. This guide should assist lower level players, demonstrating how to catch bass in Missouri in Fishing planet, as well as how to catch bowfin in Missouri in Fishing Planet. After watching this fishing planet gameplay video, you too will be able to catch largemouth bass and bowfin in Mudwater River, Missouri with relatively low effort. So grab your rod, real, and some bait -- Lets go fishing in the freeworld! If you enjoyed this video please LIKE it and SUBSCRIBE for future

Tamarack Pond Bassin Heddon Zara Puppy vs Cabela’s Real Image 6/10/15

Tamarack Pond Bassin Heddon Zara Puppy vs Cabela's Real Image 6 10 15 Had time at sunset to test out the Big Bad Bass' taste for A Topwater Lure [James Heddon Bone Color Zara Puppy] vs A Real Image HDS Swimbait Cabela's Real Image Perch Baitfish Got Some Quality Fish, Lost multiple opportunities, but the score was pretty close in follow ups and strikes, the size of the Bass was considerably different - see for yourselves which bait got Bigger Bass. Latest Reports Don't forget to subscribe | like | share | comment __STALK

Frog Fishing for Big Bass in Ponds – Largemouth Bass Fishing with Topwater Frogs

[youtube] Frog Fishing for Big Bass in Ponds - Largemouth Bass Fishing with Topwater Frogs . What equipment to use, where to fish, and how to fish a topwater frog. It's all in here. This is pond fishing at it finest. Trial and Error and finally the Topwater Big bass bite I was looking for. That was the only fish I was able to catch at the Big Bass Pond. There are a few other clips I placed at the end of this video where I caught some good bass with a broke back minnow from Rapala. Social Medias Instagram- trent_lawson77 Snapchat- trentlawson77 Facebook – Business Email: Cinnetic Reels Use code Teamlawson for 15% off your purchase. Use code trentlawson for 15% off your purchase Use Code Trentl15 for 15% off your

Rat-L-Trap – How to Catch Big Bass

[youtube] Watch this full 20-minute bass fishing instructional video, along with hundreds of other seminars and how-to bass fishing videos by becoming a PRO subscriber at Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass angler Mark Daniels Jr. always has a Rat-L-Trap lipless crankbait tied on. In this on-water instructional video, Mark shares what colors, modifications and techniques he uses to catch bass on these baits year round. Learn to fish Rat-L-Traps around grass, wood, in clear water and more! Buy original Rat-L-Trap : Buy Floating Rat-L-Trap : Buy Bill Lewis Knock-N-Trap : Buy Bill Lewis Stealth Trap : Signup for a PRO subscription now and get a free 10-day preview, or signup for an annual subscription and get 2 months free!