Pat Cullen Trophy Bass Fishing Secrets DVD and Lures

Let Pat Cullen show you how to catch large trophy bass with his new dvd and lure set. Pat Cullen has been catching large trophy size bass for over 30 years. Pat currently has caught over 1,100 bass over 10 pounds and now you can too. Pat has been featured in national magazines like BassMaster, ESPN, Georgia Outdoor News, and Alabama Outdoor News. Checkout Pat’s DVD and Lures at and


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5 Replies to “Pat Cullen Trophy Bass Fishing Secrets DVD and Lures”

  1. I know this video is very old but I'm from Canada and can't find any possible place to buy this DVD anywhere, do you know anywhere. I'd appreciate it a lot, thanks

  2. That's impressive, but Butch Brown has caught over 1600 bass over 10lbs, most of them on swimbaits and he has most of them on film, from cast to catch.

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