Plugging for Striped Bass – Light Tackle Techniques


Angelo Cuanang talks about plugging for striped bass and light tackle techniques.
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26 Replies to “Plugging for Striped Bass – Light Tackle Techniques”

  1. California. Angelo primarily fishes the San Francisco Bay Area and has written a book on SF Bay Striper Fishing.

  2. This guy is the real deal. I'm a long time fisherman and I know this guy is a serious fisher as oppose to those other fake professionals. Way to go!

  3. Hey man u should try putting some exude curly tail grubs on ur bucktails and jigs they hav scent and amazing action tight lines

  4. I'm a German , but on US lure sites I've learned that even within the US there are difference in fishing and lure terminology , meaning that certain lure types would be named differently depending on location within the States .

  5. clams,cut bunker, or swimming plugs,poppers etc. just stop by any bait shop or the beach where guys are fishing and they will be more than willing to help you out,

  6. I caught a 20 pound striper on a 3/4 ounce bucktail and a piece of squid on the end…

  7. OK , ……two against one now , …I was also wondering where the plugs are ! Tight lines , 61diemai

  8. U know this man knows whats up when he carries a hair raiser, jerk bait and a rattle trap.

  9. I really enjoyed your presentation, Angelo. It would be nice if all youtube video tutorials were as concise and informative as this one !  Great job !

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