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Pond Bass Fishing + Topwater Creek Chubs?!?!

Today i went out to another pond and tried for some more big BASS. As you guys saw in the video, I caught one bass on the War Eagle Buzz bait. It was a decent fish and a good catch. Then i got the idea to go fish for some chubs with top water lures and i managed to catch one for myself. Hope you guys enjoy and make sure to subscribe!!!!
⅜ ounce Rooster Tail
Small Topwater Popper
White and black
Ultra Light 4’5”
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Snapchat: Kyle_blazina
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13 thoughts on “Pond Bass Fishing + Topwater Creek Chubs?!?!

  1. You know it is really fun to go to creeks and look for salamander and just put them on a hook and creek chubs will be all over them they bite as soon as your bait makes contact with the water

  2. I love catching creek chubs! They are fun! Usually catch about 15 inch ones and they put up a great fight on light gear. Check out my latest video doing some bobber fishing for creek chubs.

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