Pond fishing BIG Bass

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Fishing a new pond with swim jigs for some huge largemouth bass!


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20 Replies to “Pond fishing BIG Bass”

  1. Sweet looking fishing hole. Nice bass. The other bass following and almost catching it.

  2. Yea I do the same fishing in a lake bring the bass bk home keeping it alive n put it in my backyard pond n feed it let it grow intell it gets really big

  3. I love fishing in spots like that where you know they're sitting. Love watching them come up and hit the bait.

  4. There's a out of the way pond here in the Buena Vista area I fish that literally has tons of bass that size in it we catch every time we go out there. It's a nice walk inaccessible to motor vehicles and that's a BLESSING!! Is that pond also in the Swann Creek area?

  5. dang, ya'll are killing it with those jigs. I've never caught anything on a jig for some reason. I think my presentation probably sucks. I've got some homework to do.

  6. Dude some chunks! Nice Lil honey hole you got there! Looks super deep in that channel !

  7. Not to be a dick but don't hold bass like that, if it's a bigger one like the first one you caught, holding it like that can break its jaw and kill the fish

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