Bass fishing with bluegill patterned crankbaits is a great way smack some post spawn bass. The bluegill are coming up to bed and the bass are close behind & ready to pick them off for a quick meal. It was a tough bite, but I managed to pluck off a couple chunky post spawn spring bass with a Bandit 100 and a Series 3 Strike King crankbait in a bluegill pattern.


PO BOX 1568
Clarksburg, MD 20871


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  1. I haven't been able to catch shit on a StrikeKing bluegill crank bait. sexy shad, black back with white body and black back chartreuse have been only colors I can catch on

  2. Good stuff. I enjoy your videos every time. Where did you buy those snaps and the neon green hook covers?

  3. Recognize that lake! I mainly fish rocky gorge, you should come out to hoco and fish the wssc waters sometime

  4. I was just right up in that cove the other day kayak bassin! Slayed em on a black mini jig with a craw trailer

  5. That's how you become a more divers angler. It's also the way I've found new and larger groups of fish in my home lakes. Forcing yourself to fish methods outside your comfort zone can lead to a new perspective on a old lake.

  6. Nice video! Definitely gonna buy those owner quick snaps. When I use snap swivels the hooks always get tangled.

  7. I notice youre fishing Little Seneca lake a lot! I just got my first boat and Little Seneca is the closest lake to me. In the 3 times I've been I have caught 2 fish total. I just can't seem to figure the lake out at all! Hopefully going through all of your videos will piece together the puzzle for me! Thanks!

  8. you most likely made a video about this but what is a good all around casting reel? mainly gonna be throwing decently light jigs and soft plastic with slight vegatation…what gear ratio too…thanks I really need advice because I don't wanna spend a bunch of $ on the wrong thing

  9. Thanks for another great video. I loved hearing your thought process as you looked through your tackle. What types of tackle would you not recommend using the swivel snap? Thanks!

  10. Awesome video as always bro! I don't blame you for trying to break out the crankbait! I love fishing crankbaits! We should fish together sometime this summer!

  11. cool video. with so much rain every freaking day sometimes im tempting to take a day off work when rain stop. maybe when i got the lottery i could afford that lol.
    is any of your reels have ceramic bearings? i was thinking to change my bearing of my revos sx instead of getting more expensive reels. do u think is a good idea?

  12. Awesome video and nice bass! I love using those quick snaps!! Makes changing baits super easy!!

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