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Practicing to Win the World Championship of Bass Fishing for the Second Time

I show you every move and every fish i catch while practicing for the 2017 Forrest Wood Cup – becoming the first ever Two-Time Champion.

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32 thoughts on “Practicing to Win the World Championship of Bass Fishing for the Second Time

  1. I don't know why they dropped the water way down now an got the bass messed up it looked like they dropped it 6 or 8 feet now

  2. I broke off a monster bass this past weekend I fished the big bass tour I got to excited an pulled to hard on her an I lost a thousand dollar bass right an the boat my son almost got her in net before the hook pulled out other than that I didn't catch nothing but 2 an 3 pounders

  3. my 6 year old girl had a ball catching them cane bass she gets so excited when they blow up on her top water

  4. Can't quite understand why anyone thumbs down your videos. Between your personality and Brandon's filming/editing there is just nothing to not like. B is the man! B…is the unicorn.

  5. Great vids I watch you all the time. Gave up fishing 10 years ago when I lost my best friend in a motorcycle accident we did everything together but watching your vids has made miss it a lot. Keep up the good work.

  6. Lake el salto I won't mine that's cool 😎 if I meet you hire some time in Mexico.. I can make My day an My life cool

  7. If u take me fishing with you i will be soso happy we could do a lot of fishinf it it the only thang i like to do

  8. Nice to see a pro in practice,thanks for the video.
    I have been putting some serious hours on water lately and gotta say good job keeping upbeat man.

  9. you the man Scott… Sorry about the loss. I watched it live still pretty crazy for that 22lb bag to happen… anyways, I always watch your vids.  "keep on, keepin on, lifes a garden dig it"

  10. Man that setup for deep water is amazing. I'm always trying to figure out that bite but just go back to the shallows or pads where I know what to look for. Wish you fished Michigan lakes so I could put some of that knowledge to use. Love the videos though Scott good work.

  11. that rain made all the different in the world way them fish was caught its back a 100 now here in sun was out they wouldn't bite like that but the cloud cover why they was biting so long like that

  12. I told my son it was going to take over 50lbs to win this tournament just cause the fish biting

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