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Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing: Finesse Jigs for Bass

Check out FLW Everstart Pro: Paul Mueller’s favorite finesse bait: Punisher lures Smalljaw shaky Jig with a Reins Ring Craw trailer for Bass



11 thoughts on “Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing: Finesse Jigs for Bass

  1. The slower that you fish the jig the better. I like to find heavy rock and just barely crawl it along. Also I am a big believer in using scent in cold water. It makes a BIG difference. Try the punisher fish dope in crawfish

  2. Would u recommend fishing a finesse jig super slow when fishing for bigger cold water bites. as in like 40°-48° or a different bait?

  3. For a tube, you want to get a tube jig head I like a bite me flat eye tube jig. You can find them at tackle warehouse. You take this jigead and insert it into the cavity of a hollow bodied tube and drag it on the bottom. Sometimes the less action the better. For fishing a jig in weeds, most grass jigs come with a weed guard so they are already weedless. I like fishing a strike king greg hackney jig with a reins ax claw as a trailer when I'm fishing thick weeds.

  4. For your first comment I wanted to ask you. How do you fish the jig or tube? Do you make it weedless or what's your set up? Because Idk how to rig it. I can't find the right method? Texas rig? Shaky head? Idk…

  5. You want to just drag it on the bottom and try to find grass and hard bottom transitions. Another great rig for up there is a drop shot rig. My favorite bait to use on a drop shot rig is a 4 or 5 inch reins bubbling shaker worm. It is deadly on those big lake smallies. You can get them at tacklewarehouse. The tube and the drop shot would be the first 2 things that I would throw on st. clair. Good luck

  6. For lakes with weeds, I like use jigs with at least a 60 degree angle eye on them.With heavy grass I like a jig with closer to a 30 degree eye. This will help you from getting grass snagged on your bait. In the warmer months, I will typically go with a heavier jig to achieve a faster fall rate especially on a clear water lake like st. clair. I have fished up there before and its hard to beat a tube with a 60 degree jig head.

  7. What kind of action do you fish jigs. What do you do. I can never work them out. I'm fishing lake st. Clair which his alooooot of smallmouth bass in it. And it's very weedy. Why would you recommend. Thank you for your answer.

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