Punching for HUGE Bass in HEAVY Cover

Fishing for bass using the technique of punching thick grass is an epic technique. High intensity one on one fishing combat! Probably one of my favorite fishing patterns, using heavy weights, big flipping stick fishing rods, and heavy braid makes for one of the best bites on Lake Okeechobee any time of the year. Catching well over 20lbs on a day that was truly a grind!

Weather was partly cloudy, warm with a slight easterly breeze.

Want to learn more about the baits, fishing rods, and equipment in the vid – links are all below.

Dobyns Champion Extreme MH 795

Gambler Crawdaddy

Reins Tungsten

You need this graph – Lowrance 12 Ti:

Power Pro Slick 65lbs Braid

Camera – GoPro Hero 5 Black

Gambler Why Not

Gambler Burner Craw

Hack Attack Flipping Hook

Reel Shimano Curado

GoPro Shoulder Mount

Floral Hat


24 Replies to “Punching for HUGE Bass in HEAVY Cover”

  1. I know you have thousands of subs but you just a new one. I'm up here in north FL hope you get a chance to come up my way and do a video fishing the St. John's river! Thanks for all the great info!

  2. Hey Mikey, I see You are using the dobyns 795. What are your thoughts on there 805 flip/punch rod? I am a short guy and was thinking the extra length would help with feathering the bait farther from the boat to the pressured fish.(1200 acre lake average depth 8-10ft and holds 32 tournaments a summer(michigan)) any info would help thanks, love the channel you put out some good videos.

  3. What type of cover would you use a 1 ounce weight. Reason I ask because I always here the lighter the better. If you had one way to rig your flipping baits would you flip them naked or with a skirt

  4. Still the best youtuber out there. How do you not have your own Television show. Keep it up brother. Been watching you since the old Jon boat days. Don’t change a thing

  5. Hey Mike just curious what was the biggest bass youve lost flipping and what do you think happened? I lost a giant yesterday on a Why Not at the boat and its been haunting me since. Just want to know if i did something wrong or the fish just got the best of me. Thnx (love your videos btw def one of my fave fisherman!)

  6. Mikey, I've been watching you for years and I truly appreciate all of your fishing advice! In my opinion, you are the most underrated fishermen on YouTube. Keep up the great work and tight lines buddy!!!

  7. Mike are you a video editing major??? because your video edits are fucking sick…The repeat of that bass flipping out of the water and your transitions music tempo etc is phenomenal…

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