Record Bass Caught By Hand!

Occurred March 5, 2015 / Blountsville, Alabama

Watch Robert Earl Woodard catch a record 16.03 lb bass by hand! The fish swam away unharmed!

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30 Replies to “Record Bass Caught By Hand!”

  1. When you been feeding that area weeks prior to the vid lol and because it look like private property, no one is able to put pressure on the fish so they aren't scared.. I commend him on actually catching the fish with his hands but there are steps to get that bass to come up for food.. I would say the same as your fish tank pets how they are stuck to the glass during feeding time.. still a great vid

  2. Very nice I am from Michigan I wish our bass got that big I have a video on my YouTube channel almost caught I said almost bluegills by hand in a lake not pond that definitely beats a Michigan record

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