River fishing smallmouth bass with spinnerbaits

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20 Replies to “River fishing smallmouth bass with spinnerbaits”

  1. Really nice river there you have to fish for them Smallies in…The fishing was right on point and you slammed them…Great job buddy…

  2. I've seen some big fish I've seen a bass over 4 pnd no joke and we fish in a canal where 2 pike were on my line last year and no luck, so today I'm going to fish with live worms hoping to at least catch bass, any idea if pike will bite worms.

  3. Haha that reminds me a couple weeks ago I caught a 5.5 pound small mouth bass !! But I made sure to release him so someone else can enjoy there amazing fight

  4. Another great vid Josh. My pike trip is going terrible I got about 2-3 hrs to fish tomorrow and all I've caught was 3 perch and 2 rock bass 🙁 I've tried tons of lures too such as spinnerbaits, rapala HJ, and spins and nothing!

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