Rocket Fishing Rod Catches Big Fish!!!

Most videos ive seen have bashed the rocket fishing rod into the ground. This toy fishing rod can catch fish though!!! I prove it over and over again in the video catching several solid bass and bluegills along with one pesky turtle. (they werent giants but they werent dinks either)

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Zebco challenge:

Inflatable boat bass fishing:


48 Replies to “Rocket Fishing Rod Catches Big Fish!!!”

  1. in my opinion those things are peices of crap. I'm 11 going on twelve I've been fishing since I was 4. The only thing I have ever used is a bait caster or a spin reel

  2. Too funny and amazingly successful … you need to teach +apbassing how to fish with it … and how to control his temper 😄  (although Peric's rocket fishing rod tantrum was epic!!)

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