Schoolies, Targeting Schooling Largemouth Bass

summer time schoolies clocking shad left and right. nothing but fun and whole lot of it. got to say thx to my 2 boys on the west coast of FL, they showed me how this bite worked and really clued me in – hope i can return the favor, because this was a blast!


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  1. FOW = feet of water! No wonder Chris Lane they say fishing up here is like fishing FL. We fish shallow too, 10-12 ft tops. My hometown lake and the Mississippi River fishes identical. When you're flippin' grass, how shallow are you fishing?

  2. Great vids! I love em! Keep them coming for us northerners who don't have the luxury to open water fish year round! I got a few ?'s for you, if you don't mind.

    1. Are you just fishing a sand flat w/ isolated rock piles?
    2. When you say Okeechobee is shallow, what's the max depth?
    3. How many FOW are you fishing in?

  3. Hey Mickey. Not sure how familiar you are with the Wright McGill /Blair wiggins saltwater equipment. I just got the sabolas baitcaster made by them and would like to know how well it would work for freshwater? And like for flipping or what? Thanks

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