Science is The Path to Big Bass Dreams, Science and Fishing

Understanding Science will make you a better fisherman, point blank. Science allows us to observe and adapt our fishing strategies, ultimately “Piecing the Puzzle”… This is not an attack on Politics, Religion or anybody’s beliefs. We at Big Bass Dreams are proponents of Science and all of it’s benefits. It has greatly impacted the way we approach fishing as a whole, it can help you as well… #BigBassDreams


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  1. I totally agree with the metaphor of patterning bass and the scientific method. That's Awesome. But….The problem with modern science is that the scientific method has been corrupted by the need for funding and this has lead to many false narratives. The oligarchs that control the flow of mainstream information long ago established tax exempt foundations to fund the vast majority of research in all fields of modern scientific study. They have used their influence in recent years to create the impression that the earth is overpopulated and humans are ruining the environment. The only solutions that will be provided by mainstream science, politics, media, ect. will result in the loss of access to resources and increased regulations for everyone from anglers to farmers to home owners to business owners. This all ties back into the exotic species regulations in San Diego, The outboard motor bans in northern California, Bans on collecting rain water and backyard gardens throughout the country and much more. The source of funding should be the first thing you look at before you read any kind of study or listen to any source of information in this day and age.

  2. Truth is truth regardless of whether or not people accept it.This goes for evolution, global warming, or the history of Jesus' resurrection. Either it happened or didn't. The people on one side are wrong and the people on the other are right. What we CAN'T do is shut down these discussions.

  3. I'm a biologist and a bass angler and I love this video! I'm always hunting for big northern strain bass. It's not easy here in Portugal, but I'm starting to catch a few nice ones on swimbaits. Still haven't broke my PB (only 5lbs).

  4. I can't believe this channel pushes the global warming argument. You basically claim that anyone who is skeptical about it is against science. This is completely illogical. If the global warming people get enough power I bet they would prohibit you from fishing from your boat because your boats produce too much carbon dioxide for their taste. These same kind of people claimed we were way over populated 50 years ago. They said there would not be enough food to go around. They were way wrong.

  5. I completely agree with everything but evolution I refuse to believe that. I believe God created everyone in the same mannerism he created earth and these beautiful fish we fish for.

  6. Science is true (whether you believe in it or not), and the Scientific Method is the only way to discover the realities of our universe. Fish evolved, and we as anglers are exploiting their evolutionary adaptations to fool them into striking shiny bits of plastic…excellent video!

  7. THANK YOU! Even if you weren't trying to make a political or religious commentary, it's nice to know there are others out there who actually THINK about tangible aspects of fishing. And it's more than fishing! It's everything! It's science!!!!! Too many folks out there think they can get by without knowledge, and that's both sad and scary. Learn, understand, think hard and long, step outside your little box, and I promise you'll not only fish better but you'll have a better life in general. Thanks so much for this guys, you rule!!

  8. Good stuff fellas! It's not luck. They are wild animals, but we can predict their behaviors to a degree. Everyday is a chance to experiment and observe and grow as an angler. Keep up the good work.

  9. You got my vote for Best Fishing Video the year! BigBassDreams taking it to the next level with this video. "The next level of results requires the next level of thinking" Catching Big Bass on Big Baits in FL and we don't even have trout in FL……..or do we??? Great Work Oliver. Keep Inspiring.

  10. haha this photo shop stuff is to funny lol….you see thumbnails all the time with people trying to make the fish look bigger than it really is, but its not photo shop lol they hold the fish close to the camera and stand as far back as they can to make it look bigger just for the thumbnail. PERFECT example at 1:07…that guy is probably making a 90 degree angle with his back haha

  11. Great Video Boys! Love the Bill Murphy insert too, learned so much from his book and teachings. In Pursuit of Giant Bass and Hannon's Big Bass Magic are the bible.

  12. I was cracking up with the photo shop comment.. funny because my last pic I posted on my Instagram with my son my buddy said had to hold it up to the camera huh 🤔.. shit I got a 14ft aluminum boat how far u want me to be from the camera lol.. some ppl just can't respect the fact "you caught them that day and they didn't" 🤷🏼‍♂️ nice video man!!

  13. Deeper than the lakes you fish.. science is power. the more we understand about the rock we live on and the changes she's going through, the more likely we are to help her out. There's a real problem with information in this country right now, what's true, who's lying… science is can't lie..I love this! @ipleadthefish

  14. This might be the coolest fishing video I've ever seen. It's sad that many people overlook the biological aspect of it, and on many days, the little details people miss could be the difference between getting on 'em and getting blanked. Looks like science has sure helped you elevate your game. Keep up the grind bro!!

  15. I feel that there is a deeper more important meaning to this video than what most people are commenting about. If this is correct, I commend you for it as I feel exactly the same way.

  16. I love the fact that this video is bringing up a conversation that is both interesting and important in terms of understanding fishing. Huge thanks to you guys for facilitating this, and letting people express their opinions about this subject. My very personal opinion is the following. I believe that there is definitely scientific aspects to fishing. Conditions consisting of water temperature, barometric pressure, and wind play huge parts in the bite, what baits could be successful, and where the fish are. However, there is undoubtedly an aspect of randomness to what a fish will do. Like humans, fish will experiment randomly and contradict all findings that state where fish will be and how they will bite. For example, a guy might travel to Europe for five summers in a row and then decide to randomly explore South America another summer. A fish will do the same thing, contradicting all evidence pointing to a solution. Also, I think there is an aspect of karma, mojo, and confidence to fishing. Might be the only dude who thinks this, but something tells me some things in fishing randomly happen for a reason. I watched a youtuber lose a fish when a bass jumped up and threw the jig, and I go out and stick a nice one on a jig only to have it flail my jig out and free itself. Maybe it's a coincidence, but my friends and I have experienced enough instances of this to make me believe it isn't. Also, when I fish a tough lake and don't have a lot of confidence, I miss bites that are identical to ones I connect with when I do have confidence. Maybe I'm straying from the point here, but I'm trying to say so many random things happen in fishing. Because of this, I don't think anyone will ever have fishing down to a complete science; everything is perpetually changing. Guys like you, people from TacticalBassin, flyfishing gurus, salmon guides, etc will gather so much information, but I guarantee you most will say they don't have it down to a science because fish do so many random things. Fishin is anything from a hobby, to a sport, to an art, a job, a passion, or to even a way of life. However, it will never, in my opinion, be a complete science. Again, it most definitely has scientific aspects to it. Anyway, thanks again for facilitating such an interesting convo! Keep it up

  17. This was put together with precise dedication to influence the everyday angler and non-believer that this way of life and technique is an absolute science. You can buy the best equipment and the best lures out on the market today, but unless you put in the time and effort on the water to learn this style of Fishing you will always fall short on this side of the spectrum. This style of fishing is an absolute art and 100% there is a technique and science to it. I have seen it firsthand on what it can do for you when it comes to separating you from other anglers. Big Bass Dreams is the epitome of dedication.

  18. People don't understand the thought process that goes into fishing, the next cast, the next bait. Some people just don't believe bass don't eat big food sources/lure's/bait's until i show them proof then they're dumbfounded it's hilarious. But anyway's dope video an smallmouth 💯🔥

  19. Once again I love what you stand for and your dedication to the sport! F*ck the haters and disbelievers! Great vid/production….

  20. Fishing is the hardest puzzle ever 🙂 to catch fish consistently no matter what condition takes experience, method, knowledge, and frickin effort.

  21. Anytime you want to head to FL, I have access to completely natural MONSTER private lakes. Two days ago, we had a 9.57, an 8.82, & a 7.72 on the boat within 40 minutes of one another. Those are the average sized ones.

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