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Searching for BIG BASS in the Heat of the Day!!!

I made it out bass fishing in the middle of July during the hottest part of the day…and to say the bite was difficult was a GIANT understatement. It’s extremely warm throughout most of the country right now, which can make fishing very hit and miss. Today I missed.

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►Swimjig Set-Up◄

Bait: USE “MF10” to SAVE!!!

►Flick/Shake Setup◄

Reel –
Rod –
Line –
Bait –



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22 thoughts on “Searching for BIG BASS in the Heat of the Day!!!

  1. Lol 100 degrees is good weather here in Az, fishing Arizona is so much different than anywhere else the bass just started the frog bite last week

  2. You have taken a avid trout and catfisherman and you have peaked my interest in trying out bass fishing….thanks your doing great videos…like someone in my shoes i would like to see bait and presentations video heat cold rock shelfs heavy cover and how to present a lure correctly in these condition….another would be starting out on a budget and get bait lures poles and line and what types to use …i live at lake james nc and close to lake norman if ya come close would love to meet ya 👍👍👍👍👍

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