Shin Fukae’s secret Japan bed fishing rig for bass

Believe he calls it the “free rig” because the line moves through the dropshot weight…. It’s secret here (mostly) but getting popular in Japan. Have at it bass-peeps!


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15 Replies to “Shin Fukae’s secret Japan bed fishing rig for bass”

  1. The Japanese are pretty innovative, esp with the finess side of bass fishing bc their waters in Japan are so pressured and limited. Thanks Shin.

  2. Man they come up some of the coolest rigs in Japan. Just common sense type stuff that no one thinks about until they and then it's like oh…yeah that'll work. Thank for that shin. I'm gunna try it out.

  3. interesting…. if you used a high-floating soft plastic and a heavy weight you could keep it on the bed for a long time. I could really see it making some bass angry, just pulling it back down towards the bed again and again.

  4. Interesting rig Jay. I like to experiment too when it comes to those things. I have a secret rig that I am going to make a video on also

  5. That's funny. Other than the shape of the lead, isn't it just and unpegged Texas rig though?

  6. These guys are pretty good, Shin, tellin a secret is good karma, keepin a secret is difficult when you only know good.

  7. If only my redneck ears could understand his Japanese accent 😂😂😂 in all seriousness though I’d love to have a day to fish with him and pick up some fishing knowledge

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