Shore Fishing – Plug Fishing for Sea Bass

Sea Bass are one of the most desired catches for the rod and line angler, and lure fishing is a great way to fish for them. This video is about plug fishing for Sea Bass from the shore over shallow rough ground with tips on tackle and techniques, and showing Bass caught on a Tackle House Feed Shallow 128 Plug. More about plugs on my video Top Sea Bass Lures.

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44 Replies to “Shore Fishing – Plug Fishing for Sea Bass”

  1. CHANNEL UPDATE 02/08/17: Just one comment to say thank you for all of your positive, appreciative, and encouraging comments, which are greatly appreciated and encourage me to carry on making videos when I can.

  2. '' The things we fishermen do '' !  Yes , I remember many a time in the past freezing to death, wind blown in the depths of winter and in the middle of the night , having a go at the local cod ,trying to catch a lunker .  I haven't done that for years !

  3. Have been committed to bass fishing recently in cornwall. I live in Porthleven and was wondering if there is any good marks to try out at any particular tide? cheers

  4. Thanks for all the videos – a great help when just starting out like myself! I notice in the video your rod is15-50g whereas the lures are around 18-20g. Any particular reason you don't go for a lighter rod. I about to purchase a bass lure rod. Is this the sort of weight you would recommend? Thanks again.

  5. Very helpful and informative video – thank you for posting. I am staying in Rock for 4 days from this friday and was wondering if there is anywhere in or around Rock you could recommend for bass? Thanks again for a great video.

  6. Hiya mate. Couple of questions, hope you don't mind…
    I notice that you don't twitch your rod, is this just your preference or is there no need for it with this type of lure?
    You've replaced the trebles with single hooks (good idea) but can you use any style/type of hook for the replacement
    Lastly, have you used shads before? I have some and was wandering on the success rate on them.

    Great video, thanks very much.

  7. Hello there, I was wondering, if I go bass fishing and there is no weed, should I pick plugs or soft plastic lures? Great video!

  8. Informative as always. Thanks. Got a question though, can Bass be caught by jigging with cut squid which resembles a worm?

  9. Great video and your other videos are very useful as well!I am about to buy a fishing rod for bass fishing from shore and rocks and I was wondering if 7-23g rod would be too light gear for bass and for the lures you use in the video?thanks in advance!

  10. Have you ever fished around Plymouth, south Devon? Or rame head? Any tips for bass fishing marks around these areas would be helpful!

  11. Nice video. Over in my neck of the woods I love using the same light tackle techniques for striped bass and I'm looking to fish Rotterdam or some other estuaries I can find in Holand in early June. Hopefully I can get into a few. New sub here. Tight lines.

  12. Great vids….can I ask what size hooks you changed the trebles for. Thanks again. Heading out now to a local rocky mark, you never know.

  13. I am heading to Cornwall (Holywell Bay) next week and wondered if you had any pointers for plugging/spinning venues around that area?

  14. Off to Weymouth for the weekend and have my spinning kit ready…….Some good pointers and tips there………Top video

  15. Letting the lure sit there for a moment after the cast is definitely a good thing to do. That and using a fan pattern when casting 10-2 left to right, then back right to left, does help with production I think.

  16. Hi Just wanted to take the time, to say thank you for such a informative, great fun video… I'm heading to Looe in June 2016 for a week, so had been looking for some shore angling tips for them rocky marks, and i have found all your video's full of great hints and tips. I'm not the most exp shore angler but try my hand at anything. but have managed to fill a page of notes.. keep the videos coming, and i will enjoy going back though your older posts.

  17. Great film really enjoyed this,I will be going down to Cornwall next week on a family(fishing) holiday near st Ives so I will be having a good crack at this and the wrasse,really good info on the plugs and technique thanks.

  18. FAO: GARZER L. Garzer L. I am unable to reply to your comments. I have tried. I understand the problem is with the setting in your G+ and you need to set the "Who can comment on your public posts" to 'Anyone' via setings. There is nothing I can do my end to be able to reply to your comments.

  19. When filming have you got the go-pro on a chest harness or on a head band, also what braid are you using, whats the best way to spool it up with a backing line. Really like your video's i think ive watched everyone a few times over, there very well narrated with great info, if i get down to cornwall this year i might try that mark.

  20. Thank you for everything you are doing on youtube! Your videos are a real contribution in learning how to catch sea bass! God bless you! 🙂

  21. If you do catch bass remember you now have to let them go.
    If you like to eat bass then buy them from the people that are allowed to catch
    tons of them.

  22. Great video thanks again, I love the headcam shots especially when you look into the water makes me feel like im there fishing.

  23. Good video, id like to say something about the minimum size, is better to the environment and the species to keep the small fishes (respecting the legal minimum size limits) than the bigger ones, a 4 kg female can spawn more eggs and with better quality than four 1kg female fishes because the metabolic energy of the fish isn't so divided in growth and reproduction and they can use more effort in producting eggs with higher survival rates.

  24. Ive always fancied a base at bass fishing. I sometimes wobble sprats for pike find it works when plugs don't. Especially in winter. Quite often as they hit the water, as you have found with bass and plugs. Just a thought for you.

  25. If you had to use only one soft plastic, what would it be? Hook size, weight, colour, etc. Great videos by the way for those new to the sport (me!)

  26. Thank you very much for making such informative videos, no one else makes videos as in depth as yours. I am hoping to employ the tactics shown in this video on the other side of the river to you. Thanks again

  27. Brilliant video loved it,can you tell me what model off feed shallow plug that is would love to purchase one,thanks Brian

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