Sight Fishing Tips For Spawning Bass

Come along with Matt for an awesome day of bedfishing on Lake Berryessa. He catches a ton of nice fish on a variety of baits and explains why/how along the way.

Baits Shown In Order Of Appearance…

Dry Creek Tube Bait:
Tube Head:
Keitech 2.8″ Swimbait:
Revenge Darthead:
Basstrix Bluegill:

Rods/Reels Used…

GLX 853 Casting:
Chronarch MGL:

Expride 7′ Medium Spinning:
Stradic CI4+:

NRX 852 Casting:
Aldebaran 50:

Eye Surrender ESE Sunglasses with Amber Lenses:
Hero 5 Camera:

Fishing during the spawn can be amazing! Not only do you get to fish for giant bass but you get to catch them on finesse techniques as well as big baits. Its a chance to really match your skills and your equipment against some of the biggest bass you’ll catch all year.

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48 Replies to “Sight Fishing Tips For Spawning Bass”

  1. We held the males for ten to fifteen minutes never left the bed and the male went right back .I've taken males 100 feet out dropped them went back for the female and the males back first.

  2. @TacticalBassin can you do a video about fishing bass tournaments? A tourney 101 type of thing, about how to find tournaments, the general rules and regs and common courtesy for tournament fishing. I really want to start fishing tournaments but don't know where to start, and don't want to get disqualified or do something rude or unsportsmanlike to another angler during a tourney. I appreciate it, and thanks for all the videos so far!

  3. Smallies on beds at Quabbin Res today all males up to the three lbs 2 beds had huge females but there was a male also. caught the male. Held it in the livewell, still couldn't get those two females to commit and they were locked on. Any tips?

  4. What's up guys Caught a monster off s bed today! 2 1/2 inch realistic yum craw. Its going to be in our local towns newspaper. Winchendon Courier Friday This one has a Cali belly. Your story of 8 hours on a bed made me work an hour which is a long time for me. Thanks for the bed tips.

  5. I fish 2 golf course ponds that are right by each other and there usually pretty juicy and we always catch a minimum of 10 bass within a couple of hours. lately it's been really slow and we've only been able to get on dinks and 1-2 pounders and only 2-5 fish within a few hour's. the waters gone down a couple feet and there's a lot of grass in there on the bottom as well. any tips and what you would suggest we try throwing?

  6. Thankyou for taking us with you,that was an awesome day. great tips,good fish. And thankyou for the heads up on the "Eye Surrender" glasses. I just got my black with copper lenses and I can see everything. Tight lines, rods bent!!

  7. holding a fish for photos later during the spawn means you got a big female. don't take her out of the gene pool. same with keeping big bull bluegill. little runt males with slip in and ferilize eggs. thanks Matt!

  8. Matt, would you ever consider making a video on what an average guided trip is like for you? Just interested in the job of being a guide from different perspectives.

  9. that's some beautiful scenery! As for catching bedding fish? I stopped targeting them because I didn't want to disturb the reproduction and in my opinion, it's sorta cheating/snagging. Why? because the fish isn't enticed to eat, it's attacking the bait to remove/protect the hatch. when I was just a lad, I caught a bass with a bare 2/0 hook. I realized then it's not fishing in my opinion. Plus I like the challenge of enticing them to bite my artificials. But hey…I won't knock others for doing so.

  10. With 10-lb braid on a baitcaster, do you run into issues with line digging in?  I did with 20-lb so 30-lb is the lightest I use (with a 10-12-lb fluoro leader), which still digs/catches every now and then.  Looking to try some 30-lb 8-carrier on a crankbait setup, since I can cast it really far.

  11. It would be kinda cool to see you guys take on some of your subs in a 2 v 2 competition, 5 biggest, but the kicker being you guys fish for smallies, and the subs fish for largemouth. Or Spots vs Large. Just think it would be cool.

  12. I Have to say I love the way you explain yourself, what you are looking for when choosing your spots, why you make lure choices and changes, how to spot a bed in lakes with different color bottoms- I have fished Berryessa a lot when I was a kid, wish I had of known half of the tips you give in this video way back then.  Great presentation!

  13. I just have to say, you guys are by far the best fishing YouTubers out there. You have incredible content, super knowledgable and I appreciate your channel. Thanks for being awesome

  14. You were wearing the perfect color clothing for the sight fishing you were doing. I am bankbound (not whining about it, I have a great time and catch my share) so I tend more to green, tan, brown or even camo at times and I am convinced it makes a difference. My favorite kind of video….on the water, rod in hand while describing what's happening. "Picture worth a thousand words" deal.

  15. Hey guys. I think a great video idea would be how to fight big fish. I think a lot of people hook into big fish for the first time and have no idea how to fight them correctly. That would be a super cool video! Also maybe talk about hook setting. Keep up the GREAT work

  16. Water temp? Did I miss it. Glad you mention water levels on Reservoirs. Here in lake Camanche our males will relocate if the females don't approve of the shallow bed location while the lake is draining.

  17. Hey Matt, great information. Catch and release , protect your resources so the fishery stays healthy. I like the way kayak tournaments are run . Take a picture of the fish against a ruler and release it. They go by length not weight.

  18. This channel is going to get me fired, can't stop watching and learning. Are you casting past the beds and reeling into them, or dropping down right on them? I've spooked fish being too aggressive.

  19. Nice vid again Matt. Always good to get your tips. Felt like I was out there with you having a chat on best methods while working those fish!

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