Small Crank Baits for Cold Water Bass


Today I show how to use small crank baits for cold water bass.


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40 Replies to “Small Crank Baits for Cold Water Bass”

  1. Brendan, When handling fish by lipping, how many hooks have you caught in the fingers? I got one bad once and it really spooked me about grabbing fish by the lip.

  2. Love the Lighting Rod! i got one of those as a 6'6 with a kastking mela 2000 with 30 pound spiderwire. Caught a 5 pound spotfin croaker last saturday in san diego.

  3. Keep up the good videos and I found this helpful I'm 12 and have to be picky with what baits I buy because I don't have a job or much money so now I know the size bait I need for cold water bass🙏🙏🙂🙂😊

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