Space Pawn Trailer by VapeWild

VapeWild presents a first look at the highly anticipated release of Space Pawn: Ozone. This amazing story tells the epic tale of Buck Wild as he tries to find e-juice relics in the galaxy. You can see more at

SpacePawn is the first of its kind. It is the most premium e-juice ever conceived and created with the finest ingredients ever imagined by man. This juice is a blend of Densuke Watermelon, Wagyu Beef, Red Iranian Saffron, Matsutake mushrooms, White Alba Truffle, and actual dust from the moon. That’s right, the moon.

Each bottle is mixed at the International Space Station and steeped on Earth in the passenger seat of a Bugatti Veyron at approximately 254 mph. Your taste buds have never dreamed of anything quite like this. It’s an interactive, next level, totally independent vaping experience that is guaranteed to blow your damn mind. Welcome to the most pretentious juice in the universe.


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  1. $99 for 5 mils must be some good stuff I only like the best no substitute no clones so $99 per bottle of juice goes right along with my $400 Cherry Bomb mod cuz I'm a loser…….. Just kidding about everything except for the loser part thanks for the laugh I know a way past April Fools but you still got me

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