Spinnerbait Bass Fishing: GoPro Hero 3+

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfdAZJR4gmQ&w=640&h=480]

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The Spring has finally arrived and the double willow leaf spinnerbait has always been an excellent bait for spawning bass. Always use a trailer hook, you can see in the video that it’s often times the sole reason you catch the fish. Visit our website for some more tips on spinnerbaits.


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39 Replies to “Spinnerbait Bass Fishing: GoPro Hero 3+”

  1. Right when i seen a huge bass jump out of the water i thought to myself….thats gotta be bama bass…..sure enough lol

  2. Which gopro do you use specifically? I'm getting one soon for my birf day and was thinking about the white cause the silver and black are out of my price range

  3. Ok tks.

    O use the same configuration and "edit" without a special application. Only gopro studio. You use any other application for the slow motion?

  4. Watching this video makes me miss bass fishing in a big way. Living in Alaska makes it hard to do that. 1/2 oz white and chartreuse with a tail was also my favorite. My largest Bass was 6lbs but My largest King salmon is 51 lbs. Someday a 10lb bass would be excellent. Thanks again for the awesome video. 

  5. awesome video i plan i making some also, what gopro settings do you use such as 1080p? or 980 or 760? thanks.

  6. Watching a fish hit your lure/bait is the coolest thing. At 3:00 you can see the bass hit the lure and boom it takes off. It's awesome.

  7. Awesome video and as always amazing fish. You are a great bass angler! Love your videos!

  8. Since you have experience with catching big fish i wanted to know which brand and type of line that you perfer to use?

  9. Hey Rus, I film and fish similar to what you do in Australia, love your channel.
    But dude, watch that gopro on your seat, don't drop it in the water…..

  10. Russ, Good vid as always ..very clear and sharp. R thing starting to warm up by you…Temps here in Florida are moving up.

  11. Thanks Russell,we have a local tournament there on the 29 will let you know how we did.Thanks

  12. Dam you and all your big bass you have there I be lucky to get one 7lb all year. LOL
    I live in Washington. Great bass bro.

  13. Man, I'm anticipating the spring coming up really soon to go fishing every day, for hours each day, so excited! Anyways, how big of a jon boat is that and where did you get it? 

  14. Does this this man ever catch a small fish??? I mean dang youd think he's the next Doug Hannon! You really know how to catch some biggins man. I enjoy your vids plz keep them coming.

  15. Big fan of your videos as well as those spinnerbaits. Incredible durability especially in upstate NY where I live with all the northern pike. 🙂

  16. Good video Russell,nice fish.Thanks for the tips.Always looking forward to the next one.Do you no anything about the withlacoochee river in Fl?

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