Spinnerbait tips and information. How to catch fish with spinnerbaits

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Spinnerbaits were not around much when I was a young bloke. In fact there were only a couple of imported hard body lures around that people used to target Murray cod. Floppy’s and Mudbugs were the most popular.
Then we saw a rise im popularity of hard body lures, which was followed by spinnerbaits.
Spinnerbaits were popular in the Bass fishing scene long before they were popular in the Murray cod fishing scene.
The basics with spinnerbaits remains the same, as I discuss the theories behind why they are so successful in this video.
If your a cod fisherman and have not caught a cod on a spinnerbait, then I hope the tips in this video help you out.


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19 Replies to “Spinnerbait tips and information. How to catch fish with spinnerbaits”

  1. G'day Robbie mate. Listen, you don't have to explain yourself in prescript. You're knowledge and tips are why we are here, catching the fish is a close second. Take stock in that big man. Cheers Moose.

  2. Another awesome video Robbie, thank you. I love using spinnerbaits, they are so easy to fish the entire water column with, and cod usually hit them hard.

  3. Wow thats amazing I went down to old man creek which is around Wagga Wagga at the Murrumbidgee and I caught a 53 cm cod on cheese but I'm spewin that they made it illegal now to you cheese as bait because the cheese blocks up the fishes guts and they end up dying one bloke cut one open and it had three cubes of cheese in it!! Anyway how's Satan mate?

  4. I just when down the ovens river this weekend and did not get a touch can you please do a video on what snags and thing to look out for to catch the fish thanks love your videos

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