Squarebill Crankbait Bass Fishing Using Shad and Bluegill Patterns

Lure: KVD 1.5
Color: Natural Pumpkinseed
Color: Natural Shad
Rod: 7′ Medium Quantum Tour KVD
Reel: Quantum Tour KVD PT 6.6:1
Line: Vicious 17 lb.
Trebles: #4 Triple Grip

Liz and I filmed this video in late May while the shad spawn was in full swing. Bass were keying on shad as well as the new small bluegills that had just spawned. We used two of my favorite colors for this time of year, Natural Shad and Natural Pumpkinseed, in the Strike King KVD 1.5. The biggest tip I can give you for fishing squarebills is to use a stop and go erratic action. Tight lines folks!

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42 Replies to “Squarebill Crankbait Bass Fishing Using Shad and Bluegill Patterns”

  1. You guys hold your rods different then what I have seen. Does it
    Give you better leverage?

  2. in all honesty bama bass. you make all of the other fishing youtubers look like crap man lol! you and liz are catching monsters compared to every one else lol!

  3. those kvd square bills are money, try the sexy shad and bruised colors they've worked great for me in the past. awesome video as always!

  4. I have noticed in your videos that you dont palm the reel in your videos why is that?

  5. roll tide I bass fish as well don't catch Bama bass size but catch alright size you guys are awesome it's nice to see couples that like to fish together looking for a woman that likes to fish myself haha

  6. hey man you posted the vid on Liz going for her pb are you continuing that series?

  7. I like your videos and it would be more informative at least to me if you would let us know what day and month and water temp.during this video if possible

  8. NICE!!! I jumped at the very end I thought that's square Bill was going to come right through my screen! ; )

  9. I caught a nice one on a swim bait today as soon as I went to pick him up hook came out right in my thumb

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