Stalking shallow water largemouth bass


Season 12 -Episode 1: Its early summer in Ontario and Karl is fishing for largemouth bass with Strike King Rodents on a clear water lake and has to dissect every potential nook and cranny spot to get bit. The hooksets are plentiful and the bass get bigger as the day goes on.




Big Fish… Bigger Audience… Biggest Difference!


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26 Replies to “Stalking shallow water largemouth bass”

  1. When you are pitching the SK Rodent, when do you decide to peg it with a bobber stop versus having the weight swinging freely? I really appreciate your videos. I'm learning a ton about fishing in close quarters. Thanks.

  2. Great video, gonna upgrade my tackle, adding some perfect plastics for my upcoming trip Aug 5-8th. Thanks for the tips. I will let you know what I catch.

  3. This was an awesome video! But in the point where you said watch your knots… What is your suggestion on your favorite knot?

  4. All the videos on the net. I cant stand how the handle the fish, most people bend the lower jaw of the fish, till it almost breaks…….but not you. You should say something about the way to properly hand a fish. I thank you for your passion , and your love for this sport.

  5. you have helped me catch a ton of fish. U just don't know. but southern California doesn't take care of their lakes as well as the south. I know I Can fish my ass off cause in georgia I did awsome. How do I combat this to get my skills to the professional level?

  6. Hey Sir, I have watched several of your shows and I learn more every show.  Keep up the good work and maybe some will learn like I did.  Thank

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